Best gaming mouse pads in 2021

31 Oct 2021

This article helps you easily choose the best gaming mouse pad for your perfect setup.

Every gamer, streamer, or pro-player can agree that a mouse pad is one of the significant components of a successful game. It is crucial to have a convenient, comfortable, and pleasing eye mouse pad under your devices.

Modern mice with a laser sensor, unlike the old models, theoretically don't need a pad at all - they work properly on the clean table, or a piece of paper, even on an old book, or a 10-year-old cork pad. But in practice, the speed of your mouse's movement and the accuracy of sensor positioning significantly depends on the properties of the surface on which the mouse operates. In general, the smoother the surface of the mouse pad, the faster the manipulator slides over it. On the other hand, the rougher the mouse pad is, the more accurately the laser tracks movements. Since in modern games, and especially in esports, the speed and accuracy of reaction sometimes decide the outcome of the largest battles, even such a modest accessory as a rug can lead a player to victory.

Among the main functions of good mouse pads for gaming we can highlight:

  • protection of the table surface from scratches;
  • protection of the mouse boots from abrasion;
  • leveling the surface (cracks, scratches, textures);
  • increasing the positioning accuracy of the cursor or sight;
  • increased comfort for the wrist;
  • adjustment of the mouse slide (due to the choice of the surface).

The right mouse pad helps to get rid of cursor shake, preventing it from sticking and snatching. The mouse moves smoothly and does not shake — this has a positive effect on the control accuracy and battery life of wireless mice.

Currently, mouse pad manufacturers offer customers a wide range of materials. For example, metal, artificial leather, polycarbonate, rubber, silicone, and even silk. And this is not a complete list. But fabric and plastic are the most popular because they are affordable, unpretentious in use, and have high wear resistance. 

Fortunately, finding the best gamer mouse pad for your playset is a simple task. All you need is to ask yourself a few questions: "What size do I need?", "How much do I want to spend?", "Do I want a hard or soft surface?", "Do I need extra features?" Once you decide on these things, choosing a good mouse pad will be obvious. 

There will be no hierarchy in our "best gaming mouse pad 2021" article because every player is unique, and their needs are different - choose the best mouse pads by your budget, goals, or preferences.

Best hard surface mouse pads

There are opinions (and a lot of live testing, too) that hard surface mouse pads improve the quality of your game and aim. And it's partly true, depending on the type of your mouse. If you have an optical mouse, it works well with both hard and soft surfaces, but if your mouse is a laser type, and designed specifically for gaming — the best option is a hard surface mouse pad.

Logitech G440

Size: 340x280x3 mm or 13.4x11x0.13 inches (1 size)

Material: Polypropylene hard surface

Pros: Durable, easy to clean, lower price among hard surface pads  

Cons: Might be uncomfortable in trips due to structure and sizes

The low-friction, rigid polymer surface with a rubber base is ideal for high-speed movements in games as it improves mouse control and cursor positioning accuracy. It is also convenient for those who prefer to play on a couch or don't have a constant desk. Logitech G400 mouse pad received tons of great reviews from players for its long usability and smooth surface, which is easy to clean. 

This mouse pad is ideal for Logitech G mice due to special sensors but works perfectly with other brands, too.

Razer Firefly and Mamba Hyperflux

Size: 355x282.5x12.9 mm or 13.97x11.12x0.5 inches

Material: soft and hard surfaces

Pros: Wireless charging, RGB lightning, premium quality 

Cons: Expensive, it's a mouse+mouse pad set

The mouse pad is inductive, and this means that after placing a mouse with a built-in capacitor on it, an electromagnetic field begins to form, which sets the periphery in motion. It is important to note that induction works across the entire surface of the pad from edge to edge, there are no blind spots. As long as the Razer Mamba Hyperflux is not outside the frame, it works.

One of the unusual features of this pad: it has two types of surfaces — soft and hard, and you can easily change between these types by lifting the center of the pad: the plastic frame is not removable.

The Razer Mamba Hyperflux is hardware built for professionals, it was designed for esports and the most demanding players. The 5G optical sensor can operate at up to 16,000 DPI. There is no delay: the gadget responds at the same speed in wireless mode as during a wired connection. Firefly Hyperflux has original Chroma lighting. You can control its levels in the Synapse software, where you can freely play with colors, program scenes, and customize the backlight for a specific game. According to many players' reviews, after hours of gaming, you won't feel the fatigue in the wrists due to the smooth gliding of the mouse on this pad.

Razer Acari

Size: 420x320x1.95 mm or 16.55 x 12.61 x 0.75 inches

Material: hard surface

Pros: Fast and thin

Cons: Price, better use with PTFE feet mice

It's one of the thinnest and fastest among hard surface mouse pads. The upper surface of the Acari is made from a layer of unique ultraviolet-activated nanoparticles with a textured rubber base. The coating repels dust and oil, which is quite convenient for those players who like to have some snacks during the game. It also guarantees accurate tracking of pixels with static and dynamic coefficients of friction: you might be the fastest cowboy on the wild wild west or the most annoying sniper in FPS games.

Best soft surface mouse pads

Corsair MM350 Pro Extended XL

Size: 930x400x4 mm or 36.6x15.7x0.1 inches

Material: Soft cloth with a rubber base and anti-fray edges

Pros: Stitched edges, water-resistant, big size

Cons: Big logo, price

Corsair MM350 Pro is a splash-resistant gaming mouse pad, which established the most popular among the best large gaming mouse pads. The waterproof, stain-resistant coating allows liquids to slide off the surface so the mat can be wiped down easily. Its micro-weave fabric creates a dense surface for a faster, smoother mouse glide, and a plush rubber construction provides comfortable gaming for hours. It's worth noting that strong stitched edges prevent surface delamination, and the non-slip textured rubber base keeps the mouse pad securely in place, even during the most intense gaming sessions.

XPG Battleground XL Prime Gaming RGB

Size: 900x420x4 mm or 35.4x15.7x0.1 inches 

Material: CORDURA ® fabric

Pros: RGB lightning, big size, high-quality surface 

Cons: Price

The owners of this mouse pad mark maximum maneuverability in high-speed games due to the increased playing area and the soft structure. It also helps to protect hands from premature fatigue. This pad is made of unique moisture-resistant CORDURA ® fabric, which is keeping the outer surface from mechanical damage like scratches or abrasions. 

The XPG Battleground XL Prime mouse pad is equipped with dual-zone RGB lighting, has a choice of colors and different modes — you can customize this pad and choose whatever color you want. It has a detachable cable with a rigid and reliable braid, and the base is coated with an anti-slip rubber layer, thanks to which the mat does not twist or shift, and the mouse gets a smooth and precise motion, which guarantees maximum efficiency in the process of heated battles.

SteelSeries QcK Heavy

Size: presented in six sizes (S, M, L, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL)

Material: micro-woven cloth

Pros: Price, wear resistance 

Cons: Thickness

If you're an esports fan, you could often see this mouse pad under pro-players hands. This brand is reliable for many years of testing. The main advantage here is good quality for the affordable price.

Since the mouse pad is based on rubber, it seems that you have spread a large soft pillow on your desk. Its surface doesn't have any impregnation, and untreated fabric allows you to bend the mouse pad in any direction. Any manipulations won't affect the properties of the surface: it won't bend, break, or take "waves" form. This feature makes the SteelSeries Qck Heavy mouse pad very suitable for any trip, as its quick straightening and resistance to kinks allow you to carry it with you wherever you go without fear of disturbing the appearance of the pad.

Razer Gigantus v2 

Size: presented in four sizes (M, L, XXL, 3XL)

Material: soft cloth with rubber base

Pros: Affordable price, minimalistic style 

Cons: No stitched edges, might gather dust

Razer is popular and well-known among players for its nice quality with reasonable price among good mouse pads. The base of the Gigantus v2 pad is rubbery, dense, resilient, and colorful. Its entire lower part is dotted with a proprietary hexagonal pattern that tightly places Gigantus v2 on the desk and prevents it from moving even with severe gameplay. Gliding at this mouse pad is quite fast, with a fair balance between speed and control, and a reasonably easy stop. But the feel of sliding on the surface may seem "dry", which makes it a little more difficult to control mice with smaller feet. 

Despite the absence of stitched edges, they do not dissolve over time. In addition, in the first version of Razer Gigantus, there was only one size, and now there are four, which expands the number of a satisfied audience.

Best mouse pad for an esports fan

The last but not least option is a mouse pad with your favorite game or team print on it. Sometimes, it's better to buy not the high-DPI or most expensive mouse pad but the one that you will love the most because of its appearance, especially if you prefer to play low-DPI games, life simulators, or just love to chill and watch your favourite team's match.    

Call of Duty Modern Warfare "In Sight"

Size: 800x350x4 mm

Material: polyester with rubber base

Pros: affordable price, good quality

Cons: only if you don't like CoD MW

Evaluating a mouse pad with a print of your favorite game is quite difficult for a person who plays, for example, slow games like life simulators and prefers minimalistic design. They may find this decoration of your desk pretentious, but we both know that there is nothing better than a setup that immediately shows the preferences of its owner. Plus, add a good sliding of your mouse and sharp control of your moves in the game and you'll receive a perfect mouse pad.

The colors have a low-toned scheme: it won't distract you from a tense battle. Also, Call of Duty Modern Warfare"In sight" mouse pad has stitched edges — it will provide a durable usability and good-looking appearance for a long time.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Oversize Mousepad Specialists

Size: 800x350x4 mm

Material: polyester with rubber base

Pros: affordable price, good quality

Cons: only if you don't like CoD BO4

This mouse pad has the same options as the previous, but with a different game. As we said earlier, it is hard to judge a game fan mouse pad, because what makes a good mouse pad the best? Only its owner's attitude and their impression of use.

Stitched edges, comfortable large size, which can hold both mouse and keyboard (and even some drinks and snacks), and good sliding with tactile texture of the surface make this Black Ops 4 Mouse pad the best option for a game fan. Mouse pad Control Edition Mouse pad Speed Edition

Size: presented in three sizes (M, L, XL)

Material: soft cloth with rubber base

Pros: favorite team logo, cheap

Cons: colorful design, if you're not a VP fan esports club is one of the oldest and well-known in the esports industry. Besides their main activity, they produce good quality merchandise such as clothes, cups, bags, badges, and branded periphery for their loyal fans.

These people know their business, and this mouse pad includes everything you need: premium quality Control fabric, which makes your mouse fly on the surface the same way as S1mple does. A colorful logo won't disturb your mouse sensors, and stitched edges prevent this pad from quick deterioration. You can wash this mouse pad with warm water and a gentle soap: the surface is made of high-tech waterproof materials (but it's better to just use wet wipes after a long VP match with a company of your favorite snacks on the desk). 

In the end, we would like to add that the best mouse pad is the one that brings daily joy to its owner. If visuals and design are important to you, then rely on whether you like the appearance when choosing a new mouse pad. If game performance is more important to you, and the accuracy of sensors and shooting is vital, then choose the best mat in terms of surface/base options and size, which will ensure your victory.


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