Easter for eSports, maybe it’s time to choose your own mascot?

18 Apr 2022

Actually there’s no need to surf between these two totally different occasions. If you're a fan of esports it doesn't matter that you have never been waiting for an Easter bunny with chocolate eggs. 

Of course, here on Fragstore.com we are celebrating this amazing time together with you as fans and eSports gamers.

But why do we celebrate Easter with eggs and Bunny? This tradition and symbolism came to our lives a long time ago, and eggs became a symbol of resurrection. Hm, we also have one greatest symbol of Resurrection - Prince Lich King officially made and licensed by Blizzard, maybe we have to make eSports Easter with him?

Also, eggs represent new life and rebirth, perhaps we may create our own symbol? Let’s take into consideration the Sand King plush toy from Dota 2, do you like him? Or what do you think about the cutest bear Banjo and his sidekick Kazooie?

They definitely deserve the best and warmer place in our hearts and may provide a lot of incredible memories to all gamers, cosplayers, fans and their kids. Perhaps this symbol will hit your heart!

Don’t you agree with previous symbols, let’s look at mascot Redpaw from Dota 2. He has an Autograph Rune of its creator as well as his spirit from the forest, somehow the same as Easter’s Bunny. If you remember the movie Rise of Guardians there was a Bunnymund - Easter bunny with a functional character. Esports fans and cybersport gamers can use their own - Redpaw!

One more character, or better to say characters - Ori and the Will of the wisps better known as Ori and Ku. Look at their eyes and say what you see. Do you feel that warmth and love? What can be better for Easter time and the whole life? This plush toy shows amazing tenderness, hence associated with wisdom, kindness and confidence. With this character for Easter you will be sure that a new day and life will come with only the greatest feelings.

Maybe we’ve been kidding a bit about the new mascot for Easter, but what we as gamers do love forever is our lovely heroes from our favorite games. All of these symbols are just simple reminders for all of us to share the snuggy and comfortable time together with our family, friends and community we rely on. 

Easter Bunny, eggs or whoever else are just symbols to make our lives brighter and funnier, but at the same time we have to keep in mind that there’s only one symbol for Easter - Jesus Christ.

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Happy Easter, Fragstore team!
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