FragStore winter sale!

20 Dec 2021

The spirit of Christmas is all around, and we would like to share those moments with you to make it a bit happier with our fascinating merch, statues, and figures!

Expected gifts which will definitely delight fans of esports, video games, movies, and comics might be found in our store.

Gifts for esports fans

Just imagine the level of satisfaction of an esport's fan rooting for their favorite team in front of the game space with a famous logo. On this occasion you may choose popular merch of the most famous esports teams, or SK Gaming. Amazing jerseys, hoodies, polos, wristbands, mugs, posters, stationery, backpacks, and other attributes for those who love adrenaline-pumping leisure or warm up during the winter time.

Collectible figures for true gamers and pop-culture fans

Surprise your friends, loved ones, and teammates with outstanding stuff based on such video games as Apex Legends and Borderlands 2. Figures and statues of favorite characters will look gorgeous on your shelves or gaming tables. 

If you consider something more unique and collectible, pay attention to our plush collections: weapons inspired by the game SoulCalibur, keychains based on the Assassin's Creed series, and figures from Mortal Kombat 11. The world has never seen such detailed merch in plush.  

Under the Christmas tree, fans of Justice League by DC Comics can find incredible soft plush pillows with Batman, Superman, and Flash symbols. All of them are aimed to maximize relaxation while watching your favorite superhero movies or reading comic books. Also, these pillows will be a great memory with super usefulness. That's the power they have! Moreover, your favorite heroes will provide their power as well as will protect you for the whole year.

It is the best time to start preparing the gifts for the Christmas tree together! Keep the candle burning with your loved ones and amaze them with warm gifts with up to 50% off. 


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