Heaven for gamers in virtual reality and meta universe

21 Apr 2022

While everyone is passionate about crypto-currency, launching their own business, developing all kinds of applications and websites, global businesses are developing the future and moving it to virtual reality. Nowadays, technological companies such as Meta (formerly Facebook), Google, Amazon, Epic Games, Nvidia, Microsoft are investing hundreds of billions of dollars in one of mankind's most promising technologies - virtual reality, which transited into our lives, as happened with the advent of the Internet. Meta company even invented the term - meta universe, which we are already using. 

One of the technology driven companies such as Disney has patented technology to build and create a motif park in the metaverse. The technology is based on augmented reality which does not require an additional headset or tools. The system will track visitor’s smartphones and project 3D effects onto nearby physical spaces, walls, and objects. Such as Mandalorian with Grogu (baby Yoda) and Jedi may move from our universe close to you and fight against the darkness in the metaverse or in any space you’ve decided. Hence, the Imperial Stormtrooper will serve in the new reality of the Star Wars universe. 

When some companies are just considering or discussing the metaverse gaming industry already there. Epic Games have long built and developed their own AR. For instance, the audience of the Fortnite: Battle Royale game already exceeded 350 million players. Epic Games have been developing their services and entertainment for a long time using cloud computing and neural networks which provides only the best quality game graphics, effects and support. One more project which has been developed in case of the meta trends is Decentraland. This gaming metaverse has gained popularity amid growing interest in NFT technology. 

During the past few years the gaming industry provided only games, and for the rest of the business, the profitability of the production of such solutions was extremely low. But with the obtaining of cloud gaming, neural networks and high-speed internet, the situation will be changed and in a few years we will observe a critical transformation of the “web” from the usual “flat” look into an interactive 3D graphics.

Merchandise not waiting outside! Philipp Plein just recently announced NFT to continue their collaboration in crypto by announcing Antoni Tudisco's Lil Monster Gang collection, which became one of most wanted and highly valued figures. But not only the giants are inverting and starting using crypto, NFT, and metaverse. Mass market and luxury brands in merchandise, fashion and clothing such as Zara, Balenciaga, Gucci and Nike are already developing their apps, gamezones, fitting rooms with digital try on, e-shops or meta shops and so on. 

However, not so many companies are developing in the gaming industry working out and producing clothes for gamers in the medium and high quality segment. FS Holding, under the brand Good Luck Have Fun (GLHF), is preparing some special collections which will meet gamer’s needs in everyday’s life. currently available professional gaming arm sleeves GLHF which provides comfort, regulates temperature, and stabilize the muscle capability during the battles of your favorite games such as Diablo, World of Tanks, Hearthstone, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, PUBG mobile, CS:GO or any game with your favorite character. Hopefully, GLHF will move to the metaverse and will create their own room of apparels by using Good Luck Have Fun coins to purchase any products as well as on FragStore.

Let’s keep watching the trends and see how together we can transform our reality to meta or AR.

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