Iron Studios figures and statues: for true fans

15 Oct 2021

Iron Studios experts in making the most detailed collectible figures and statues based on movies and comics using references to the original characters. This knowledge and the involvement of professionals who share fan interests to provide your favorite heroes incarnate in the real world with maximum similarity.

Figures from movies and comics

Fans of the cult movie "Jurassic Park" will find out a figure of the eccentric mathematician specializing in chaos theory—Ian Malcolm. He holds a lit flare in his hands, and footage pops up in his head by itself, where he selflessly tries to save children from the terrible T-Rex attack.

Also fans of superhero movies can assemble their own Avengers, using the figures: Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Captain Marvel to confront them with the formidable titan, Thanos, and recreate the scene under the strict guidance of Stan Lee himself. Admit it, what Marvel fan would refuse to create their own alternate history.

Moreover if you prefer the DC Comics universe, what about your own Justice League? Figures of Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborgmay not protect the entire universe but the fan's room—for sure.

Supervillains figures

Are there any horror fans among us? If yes, just take a look at this detailed Pennywise figure from the cult horror movie "It". The clown running through the sewers, surrounded by red balloons, refers to the movie "It: Chapter Two," released in 2019. To create an even more frightening atmosphere, the character figure has an extra head.

Superhero figures and statues are a common topic. Why is it so challenging to find supervillain figures? They are so charismatic, and their stories sometimes catch even more than the protagonists' ones.

Thanos' henchman, Corvus, or Red Skull, Killer Croc, or maybe Joker, reaching a height of 85 cm (33.4 in)? None of them are inferior in their "malice" and strive to spoil the lives of the heroes from their universes.

Figures and statues from Iron Studios for collectors and true fans of movies and comics.


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