Lich King Premium Statue is pre-order now !

27 Oct 2021

I will show you the justice of the grave, and the true meaning... of FEAR!" The Lich King Arthas said, meanwhile, we in FragStore will open the "Dark Portal" and introduce you to his detailed statue. 

The limited-edition Lich King Arthas collectible statue from the World of Warcraft game was released for Blizzard's 30th anniversary. The statue is sculpted by Brian Fay and painted by Mireya Romo-Bowen and Lewis Villamar. Absolutely everything, including the smallest details of this 66 cm/26 in sculpture, was created and hand-painted, so every piece is unique in its own way. And what's more, you will notice new, unnoticeable at first glance details and "Easter eggs" from the creators long after the purchase. Such detailed and amazing resemblance to the screen prototype will appeal to the most discerning collectors.

The Lich King is made from a modern and durable polyresin (a mixture of several components based on resin, coloring pigments, and stone chips). This statue will never crack, deform, or fade even when exposed to direct sunlight. This material will keep its stunning appearance for years to come. Another nice bonus will be the ease of care. The material's dense structure contains no pores where dirt could get clogged, so all you'll need to do is sweep away the dust with a dry microfiber rag.  

If you are a fan of the game World of Warcraft and know the whole biography of the Lich King by heart, then this statuette is created especially for you. Moreover, it will not only spruce up your dwelling but also immerse it into the game atmosphere, turning your usual interior into the real Icecrown Citadel, from the top of which the Lich King rules the Scourge telepathically.

Clear space on shelves and tables because this statue is already available for pre-order on our website..


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