SPEED VS CONTROL. How to choose mousepad type?

05 May 2022

Have you ever considered of how many “circles” your mouse slides per one working day or while you playing games? We have lost count over a thousand. However, we had noticed one very important thing: that usage of mousepad made a great impact on it. Scientifics proved that impacts to the mousepad are stitching, cover and foundation, but mood or art on the top is also one of the important benefits for you, which reflects your personality. 

Let’s take a look at the differences, main advantages and which mouspad should be chosen between Speed and Control.

Mousepads with SPEED cover. 

This type of mousepads covered with soft, smooth fabric surface and have the rubber basement so it doesn't slip and slide around your desk. Speed pads provides incredible tracking and precision with a less resistance when swiping your mouse quickly around. In terms of comfort the soft fabric of the speed pads makes a bit more comfort for long gaming sessions. 


  • Dope for high-sensitivity during the games and work;
  • Superior with less friction;
  • Ultra-smooth tracking surface.

CONTROL type of mousepads.

Usage of Control pads has more coarse or grainy feel. This type of cover provides better sense of the full control over your mouse movement. You may feel the difference while playing the precision based FPS game when you need to make sure that your aim is on point all the time. User’s reviews says that it feels like the mousepad irritating to the skin if you are swiping from left to right consistently. Control mouspad might be used by those who work or play hard.

In this case to have a better experience at the same time not to lose any object, you may use the gaming arm sleeves that protects from discomfort and allows you to move more accurately on the mousepad. 


  • Lit for low-sensitivity gaming battles;
  • Skeed control via the texture;
  • Recommended for beginners;
  • Less mouse base wear.

Are you still floating between two types of the mousepad’s differences? Make it easier!

Those who mostly played Fps games like Cs:Go, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG etc. have to choose the Control pad. Gamers who prefer MOBA games like Dota 2 or League of Legends may pick up the Speed one for fast movements in hitting the enemies. 

In our store you will find a wide range of mousepads such as GLHF (Good Luck Have Fun) or based on video games such as Call of Duty, Diablo and eSport teams - Virtus.pro.

Last but not least a spoiler to our dear friends. This summer, our assortment will be replenished with official Blizzard mousepads! More than 4 original arts from the cult  World of Warcraft game in two sizes L and XL.

Stay tuned! 


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