Work hard - chill out!

30 Apr 2022

What’s up bros? Working or studying process takes a difficult time after which you completely feel that need rest? No way. The May is upon us, so you should be ready to freshen up by celebrating International Workers' Day together with us!

FragStore brings a bit more hype and fan to every single day. 

Do you wanna know this formula? Check out below and enjoy! 

First of all you should throw off the burden of your problems and put off all ASAP things for later. 

Secondly, time to change your outfit for more fan and easygoing style, so choose a jersey, t-shirts or polos specially for you based on your favorite eSport team or video game and let's move on. 

Third, make some fresh drinks or grab a beer (if it is applicable according to the law) and pour it into the tankard with World of Warcraft, The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter design or glass with emblems from Cyberpunk 2077 game. Don’t forget to add some unusual ice cubes, but use the power of the Force and bring some Star Wars universe into your drink.

Hence, the level of your comfort still hasn't reached 100%, so let's go to the fourth step. 

We are all happy when someone remember and thinking of us by providing warm and comfort, and we are talking not about human. Professional gaming chair FragON is also able to provide you these emotions. Set the backrest angle and armrests at your own discretion and feel that life is good.

Plan your trip, workout or battles in the game accordingly. All what you need such as apparel, kitchenware, and a comfortable chair will help you feel that chill is coming. So we give you the fifth ingredient: plush pillows. Soft and so friendly pillows from an official Justice League collection will reinforce your power.  

Almost done! All you need is to add some premium statues from DC Comics or Marvel universe, figures based on most popular Blizzard games or cult movies and series. That will plunge your room with a fan atmosphere, fulfill your collection or even gain new friends.

Feel the breezy tenderness of “recovery”. We will be happy if you will use this formula and steps in every day of your life, not only during the holidays!

Just to make you International Workers' Day celebration happier we are giving you up to -20% off on all desirable merch. Hurry up, promo will be held from 30.04 to 16.05.2022. 


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