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29 Nov 2021

Waiting for the Christmas holidays is getting more exciting cuz this news is like a long-awaited gift under the Christmas tree! Keyboards from Dark Project are now at our site!

We are proud to present  4 categories of gaming keyboards: Dark Project One, Dark Project Optical, Dark Project Mechanical and Dark Project Limited. Let's look closer to find differences and maybe something more specially for you.

Dark Project One - reliable and affordable!

This keyboard category includes models as: One KD87A

(DPO-KD-87A-006400-GRD), One KD87A (DPO-KD-87A-006700-GYL)  and One KD104 White

(DPO-KD-104A-106100-GYL), the price range from €49 to €64. Although these keyboards are the lite models of keyboards in the whole series, the manufacturer has made sure that gamers get the most of them. The main characteristics of this category:  

  • Sizes: Full-size(104 keys) and Tenkeyless (87 keys) 
  • Switches: Gateron Red и Yellow 
  • Keycaps: double-shot PBT and ABS 
  • Tactile and acoustic UX: improved keycaps stabilizers are greased manually 
  • Anti-Ghosting 
  • RGB LED backlight with ENG application

Dark Project Optical - all in one!

The best mid-price keyboards with the incredible are keyboards: KD87A

(DP-KD-87A-006310-GRD), KD87A (DP-KD-87A-006710-GRD) and KD104A

(DP-KD-104A-006310-GRD), the price range from €84 to €95. Commensurate with details, these keyboards will be able to withstand more than 50 million clicks and will obey for a long time. The main characteristics of this category:

  • Sizes: Full-size(104 keys) and Tenkeyless (87 keys) 
  • Switches: Gateron optical 2d gen
  • Unique technology: side printed keycaps and “pudding” keycaps
  • Keycaps: double-shot PBT 
  • Hot-Swap support
  • Tactile and acoustic UX: improved keycaps stabilizers are greased manually 
  • Noise isolation: housing, spacebar and base under spacebar

Dark Project Mechanical - the best for pros!

One keyboard proudly falls into this category: KD87A (DP-KD-87A-006700-GTC). It has a compact, ergonomic shape and is equipped with the unique latest generation Gateron Cap Teal mechanical switches fully greased during assembly. Additionally, the keyboard received wear-resistant PBT keycaps made using double-shot technology with top engraving of ENG symbols, RGB backlighting, manually greased TLC stabilizers and noise isolation of the case. You may get this keyboard for €99! The main characteristics of this category:

  • Gateron Teal Cap Switches, a collaboration between the Dark Project and Gateron, with a greased spring
  • Hot-Swap switch support
  • Hand-lubricated gimbals fixed to the board
  • Soundproofing the case, space and base of the space

Dark Project Limited - enrich your uniqueness!

When we imagine these two keyboards, a cool and bright design pops up in the subconscious as well as the main feature - a set of additional keycaps. The price of the KD87A Limited edition (DP-KD-87A-026310-GSL+KEYCAPS) and KD87A Limited edition

(DP-KD-87A-028000-GIR+KEYCAPS) keyboards €129 and €209 respectively. By purchasing such a keyboard, you will have a reliable gaming partner who will not let you down and will not drop in at the most crucial moment.

With this keyboards you will get all the coolest features of the general models and something more:

  • Gateron Silver optical ruler, each switch is hand greased with Krytox wax
  • Hand greased stabilizers
  • Two adorable sets of keys:

1. A set of unique sublimation keys "Space bar"

2. Additional set of black keys

Dark Project keyboards are already available on our site and awaiting for you! 


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