Your repose under superheroes´ protection!

03 Nov 2021

Do you know what is the key to great relaxation? A survey of our subscribers showed that it is nothing more than a pillow. And we absolutely agree with that!

However better than a regular pillow, there can only be decorative pillows with the symbols of the legendary heroes of the Justice League, such as: Batman, Superman Flash from DC Comics.

Official plush pillows are made of 100% hypoallergenic material, pleasant to the touch and each has its own special shape: oval, circle or pentagon. All of them aim for maximum relaxation when watching your favorite superhero films or reading comics, and will also please the eyes of the fans and will not disregard your guests, they have such an attractive power. Moreover with them it seems that your favorite heroes share their strength with you and you are ready for new achievements.

The licensed collection consists of 3 pillows of the Justice League series. All of them are produced in Kiev at the WP Merchandise factory. WP Merchandise specializes in making premium official plush merch based on movies, comics, games and esports team merchandise.

We thrilled to remind you that on our site you can find a collection of 8 plush keychains in the shape of the heroes of the popular Assassin's Creed game series, 5 plush figures based on the game Mortal Kombat 11 and 3 amazing plush weapons from the SoulCalibur game from this manufacturer.

Decorative pillows with the symbols of Batman, Superman and Flash already available in our store with delivery worldwide!


Remember, you can't save the world by yourself, but with a superhero pillow it's easy!

Just one click and nothing can interfere with your rest.


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