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WHOT Rick and Morty

A handy game to take to conquer new galaxies and an alternate reality? WHOT! Rick and Morty! A card game with the theme of your favorite series will keep you entertained on long journeys ... even the intergalactic ones. WHOT! It will work best in a company that understands your alternative sense of humor and card flair. After all, this is a party game! Get rid of all cards in front of your opponents to win the game. The company complains that you were in favor of the cards and the game ended too soon? Extend the game with the knockout variant! 


  1. In WHOT! You can also play Rick and Morty with friends who have never watched Rick and Morti. The only question is, why do you need such friends ...


How to play WHOT! Rick and Morty?

The object of the game is to get rid of all the cards by matching symbols or numbers. Before starting the game, shuffle the deck and deal 6 cards to each player. Make a face-down draw pile from the rest. Turn over the first card from the pile and put it in the middle. It's a match stack from now on. The first player must add a card with the same symbol or number to the matching pile. The exception is the WHOT! Card, which replaces any symbol or number. If a player cannot match any cards, he takes a new card from the draw pile. The first person to get rid of all cards wins. 


Extended Knockout

Classic Gameplay Not Enough? Try Knockout - a game variant in which points are added up. After the first player gets rid of the cards, the rest of the players add up the numbers on their cards. The result should be recorded in the attached notebook. Players with 100 points or more will be eliminated from the rest of the game! The player who stays the longest in the game wins.


Contents of the box

53 cards with symbols


Notebook with scoring



Number of players: 2 and more

Age of players: 17+

Playing time: 15 min

Language of issue: Polish


Note! The product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

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Rick & Morty

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