Dark Project - 68 Sunrise - G3MS Mech. RGB ISO (DE)

Introducing the Dark Project - 68 Sunrise - a keyboard designed with Gamers in mind.
This Ultra-compact 65% keyboard boasts a Violet/White color scheme. It features mechanical G3MS Sapphire switches with double-shot PBT (QWERTZ+Y) keycaps, 100% customizable RGB lighting, greased stabilizers, and powerful software for personalized adjustments. Discover below what makes this mechanical keyboard truly exceptional.



Language Coverage: While this keyboard is equipped with pre-installed German keycaps, the remaining language options (Austrian, UK English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish) are thoughtfully included within the packaging!

G3MS Sapphire Mechanical switches
The Dark Project engineering team introduced the G3ms switches as their inaugural switch design. This innovative design features a reduced connection area between the stem (the moving part) and the housing, resulting in a smaller friction area. As a result, these switches offer a remarkably smooth operation, eliminating the occurrence of spring ping and any bothersome sounds commonly experienced with other switch types.
Actuation force - 50g
Pre-travel - 2 mm
Durability - 50 million keystrokes

HotSwap technology allows the user to replace the switches without disassembling the keyboard. There's no need for a desoldering iron anymore. Having easily replaceable switches increases its maintainability and allows the user to fully customize the keyboard.

PBT keycaps and Double-Shot technology
The keycap material of the Dark Project 68 Sunrise gaming keyboard is PBT. PBT plastic is highly resistant to chemicals. Because of this, it is far more durable and abrasion-resistant than ABS plastic.
It is also worth noting that the keycaps were made using Double-Shot (double-casting) technology. Each keycap consists of 2 separate plastic molds. Under high temperatures and pressure, these plastic molds are combined. Using this method ensures that the symbols on the keycaps will never be erased, even after long and intensive use.

Effortless backlight control - Software and Hotkeys
This Keyboard features a full RGB backlight with a wide range of customizable effects. In addition, the user can choose from an array of 16.7 million colors to set the perfect ambiance. A separate diode under each key provides a directional light beam and allows you to regulate the color, intensity, and brightness by using the dedicated Dark Project software or by pressing the pre-set keyboard shortcuts that can be found in the user's manual included in the box.

Dual-layer Noise Isolation:
There are 3 key components inside the Keyboard Case; The top and bottom covers (housing), the main supporting structure (chassis plate), and the printed circuit board (PCB). Two-level sound insulation is implemented where the printed circuit board (PCB) is attached to the main supporting structure (chassis plate) as well as between the chassis plate and the bottom cover of the housing. The noise insulation between these parts is made from a special sound-absorbing foam.

Subdued colors and comfort of use
This ultra-compact Gaming Keyboard is equipped with 68 keys that boast a color combination of Violet/White. Because Violet is essentially a darker shade of Purple, it offers the keyboard a very Subdued color scheme. This keyboard easily adapts to virtually any computer setup. This keyboard allows anyone to maximize desk space. It combines the idea of a 60% keyboard as well as the usefulness of the Delete, Home/End, and Page Up/Down keys. An experienced gamer would remap these side keys to use as macros. A 65% form is the perfect blend between a minimum size and usefulness.

Manually Greased stabilizers
During the keyboard's assembly process on the conveyor system, the stabilizers are greased, by hand. Greased stabilizers provide a smooth, pleasant feeling when pressed. Thanks to this process, they remain tactilely pleasant and produce a pleasant sound long after their departure from the factory.

Technical data of Dark Project - 68 Sunrise:
Keyboard type: Classic. 65%
Switches: G3MS Sapphire
RGB: Yes, 16.7 million colors.
Keycap material: PBT
Stabilizers Type: PCB-Mount
Greased Stabilizers: Yes
Hotswap: Yes
Software: Yes, Fully Customizable.
Manufacturer code: DPP68_GSH_SUNR_ISO_DE

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