You give more goods for gamers and fan souvenirs

FragStore is a Gaming Hub combining online and offline stores, which brings together the coolest and most popular products for gamers and fans of pop culture from all over World. 

It doesn't matter in which of the Overwatch, WoW, LoL or Dota 2 game universes you spend the most hours, are fans of Marvel or DC Comics, constantly review Harry Potter and Star Wars, or are a member of the fandoms of the legendary anime One Piece, Dragon Ball or Naruto & mdash; Here are the official products for everyone. & nbsp; This is a place where they speak the same language with you and share your hobbies. After all, the same fans of e-sports and games work here as you.

Take a look at FragStore and they will help you choose and buy:

Figures of top heroes from video games, movies and comics are ready to take place on your shelves. We will delight fans of the Blizzard gaming universe with statuettes from Overwatch and World of Warcraf. DC Comics fans can build their Justice League with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman figures. But what heroes are without villains, therefore, we propose to oppose them with the brightest villain & mdash; Joker.
In addition, you will find figurines and figurines: 
- based on the cult films Alien, Ghostbusters, Alita Battle Angel, Men in Black: International;
- on League of Legends, The Witcher, Borderlands 3, Apex Games and others. 

Fans of esports and video games will find a wide range of professional products for gamers from the world's leading manufacturers. A variety of devices: gaming mice, gaming keyboards, gaming headsets, gamepads and rugs and other gaming souvenirs. As well as furniture: gaming tables and chairs for maximum comfort. 

Show off to the world that you belong to your favorite universe with formal wear. Bombers, longsleeves, jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, T-shirts, socks, wristbands, bracelets, caps, hats and buffs — Will add coolness to any look, especially if they are from your favorite video game, movie / anime, or have the symbols of the esports team you support.

Backpack — a thing that is always with you. Just walking, going to the gym or traveling, he will always be with you. Therefore, it is very important that the backpack meets all the criteria: it is light, roomy, with comfortable straps and & nbsp; had laptop protection. All this combines backpacks and bags, which are presented in the online and offline FragStore. Backpacks in the style of Assassin's Creed, The Walking Dead, Batman, Harry Potter and VP GAMER.

Those who like to pile up cups in front of their computer will definitely appreciate our range of cups. Chameleon cups — changing their picture after pouring a hot drink for fans of Disney, Rick & Morty, Iron Man and Marvel Universe and other franchises. 3D cups not only quench your thirst, but also amuse, you must agree, hold in your hands an exact copy of the head of baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, or drink tea from a cup in the shape of a nine-tailed fox from the anime Naruto & mdash; what you need.  
Cups for video games, movies, comics, anime and manga & mdash; you will definitely want to keep them close to you at all times.  

Keys without a key fob, like a skating rink without a winner. Metal or 3D keychains from the Marvel and DC Comics cinematic universes, will help you feel closer to the life of superheroes, with their attributes and symbols.  
Fans of witchcraft and wizardry will find keychains for themselves in the Harry Potter universe, and for connoisseurs of the intergalactic franchise, we prepared key rings for Star Wars.  
And key rings for Far Cry, Hearthstone and WoW — must have for real gamers. 

Decorating an apartment with pleasant little things according to your favorite universes is not only HYIP, but also stylish. Movie and game posters, collectible paintings, metal plaques, Batman and Star Wars lamps, wall and regular stickers - — will fit into any interior.    
For those who like to collect jigsaw puzzles, we have also prepared a surprise: Overwatch Blizzard World and Overwatch Anniversary jigsaw puzzles for 1000 pieces. This will help not only diversify your leisure, but you can decorate your room with them. 
For Dota 2 fans, we have a series of microplush with your favorite characters. These are the secret boxes containing plush key rings with one of the collection's characters (Microplush Series 2, Microplush Series 3, Microplush Series 4, Microplush Series 5). Which character will get — will be a surprise until the very opening. The purchase of several products of the same series does not guarantee the drop of different characters. 

This is a special category of goods, because it can easily make any fan happy. Sets are made up of several items such as cups, glasses, notepads and pins in specific combinations. Gift set for Superman or The Little Mermaid, Harry Potter or Falaut, or maybe with Darth Vader or Marvel heroes? It is up to you to decide which gift to choose for yourself or your loved ones.

In our offline store, everyone can feel like a real player of an e-sports team, sitting at a gamer's equipped place, and understand what is missing to become a real PRO.
consoles are waiting for a cozy island where you can relax a little and play games on the PlayStation. 

Welcome to   FragStore — place, you can always be yourself. And be sure that here you will find your like-minded people, because we speak your language and share the same interests. 

We are waiting for you in our store in Kiev at VDNKh, Academician Glushkov Avenue, 1 P. 7 (Pavilion No. 7). Your next level!